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The Givers
Show your support for the Future of Giving and unlock your unique Giveth flair by minting one of the first NFT PFP artworks inspired by Giveth.
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The Givers are a limited collection of 1,250 artworks inspired by the Giveth Galaxy. Each NFT tells a unique story of Giveth, in its own fun and vibrant style.

Become a Project Nominator

Givers PFP Holders will occasionally have the opportunity to nominate verified projects to Quadratic Funding rounds. This provides Givers exclusive powers to choose which projects are included in the round and eligible to receive matching funds.

Keep an eye on the Giveth Twitter to know when the next Givers nominated round is happening

Unlock your Giveth Flair.

If you hold a Giver, you can set it as your profile picture on the DApp. With your Giver equipped, whatever you do on on Giveth, boosting with GIVpower, donating or owning a project, you will be shown prominently on the platform along with your unique Giver NFT badge. Learn more about the benefits.