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Giveth is a Community of Makers, Building the Future of Giving. We are first and foremost a Community, and we need you, because we believe you are a Maker. We are an open-source decentralized and community-led project, so join us today, become a part of our ever-growing Galaxy. If you are looking for the Commons Stack chat, you can find us here. logo

Riot Chat is a productivity tool with a mission to decentralize work communication. As a Decentralized Altruistic Community (DAC) we are enthusiastic supporters of this open-source initiative.  

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More into Telegram than Riot? You can join our main channel right here! If you would like to have the full experience and browse all our rooms/channels - currently only the main channel is 'bridged' to Telegram - we recommend using Riot.

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We started our Community on Slack, but because of its centralized and paying model you can reach us easiest via Riot. If you prefer to use Slack to talk to us, sign up below, all rooms between Riot and Slack are bridged (direct messages are not).

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