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gitcoin alpha is here

We’d love your support in Gitcoin Grants

We are participating in the Gitcoin Program Alpha Round - a set of 3 Quadratic Funding grants rounds that will allocate a $1M total matching pool to Open Source, Ethereum Infrastructure, and Climate Solutions.
With Quadratic Funding, number of contributors matters more than amount funded, so even donations as little as $1 can make huge difference! Support us with your donation on Gitcoin between Jan 18 and Feb 1 to help us Build the Future of Giving!

Donate to Giveth in the OSS round

Giveth is a zero-fee crypto donation platform using web3 to transform the way we fund public goods. Last quarter we launched decentralized project curation on our platform (GIVpower), and now we are setting our sights on NFTs, Quadratic Funding & DAOifying nonprofits.
gitcoin alpha is here

Support ReFi DAO x Commons Stack in Climate Solutions

ReFi DAO and Commons Stack are raising $100k to kickstart a ReFi Commons “incubator”. Their plan is to accelerate the growth of local startup communities by helping them build and launch their own bottom-up regenerative economies.
gitcoin alpha is here