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The GIVgarden is the decentralized governance platform for the GIVeconomy.
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Vote & Earn

GIV token holders influence the treasury, roadmap and mission of the Giveth ecosystem. By voting in the GIVgarden you earn rewards on your staked GIV!

Three Pillars of Governance


A decentralized social contract that outlines standards for on-chain and off-chain community behaviour.
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Conviction Voting

A token-weighted decision making tool, used for funds allocation, in which voting power is accrued as a function of tokens staked and time.
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Tao Voting

A token-weighted YES/NO decision making tool, with the option of delegation, that is used to make non-financial decisions in the GIVgarden.
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Vote in the GIVgarden

The GIVgarden empowers the Giveth community to coordinate around shared resources from the bottom up.