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The GreenPill Network
The GreenPill Network is shifting from discussing crypto's potential global impact to demonstrating it through action. Our approach spans education, content creation, and real-world impact.Our initiatives include:Content Creation + Education: We have the GreenPilled book on regenerative cryptoeconomics (multiple languages), a podcast, a YouTube channel, a blog, local impact guides, and other resources. We create onboarding resources for the regen web3 Ethereum/EVM ecosystem.Manager Round Training: We provide free training and resources to support the growing demand for Gitcoin Grant Stack, helping communities fund public goods via QF rounds, Direct Grants, and QF RetroPGF rounds.Local Chapters: We have 20+ global chapters hosting web3 workshops, onboarding training, and local impact events.Showcasing Our Work:The GreenPill book is where it all started and has been translated into 12 different languages. The GreenPill Podcast followed and since then we've also built out applications, created wallets, ran QF rounds, created content, and hosted trainings that brought new users to the Ethereum ecosystem.Our Gitcoin Grant Stack Round Manager Training had 38 participants in its first cohort. We are currently turning all the material into a free online course, and plan to start our next live cohort training in Feb 2024. With any community being able to run rounds on Gitcoin's Grant Stack, we're seeing a situation where there is more demand for rounds than there are round managers to run them. Our objective is it train as many people as possible so that ecosystems and communities can run their own community rounds on Gitcoin's Grant Stack, to help make public goods funding more accessible.We’ve created over 22 chapters globally that run onboarding workshops, run web3 regen events, drive local impact, help onboard NGOs into web3, and work to teach people how to use crypto to regenerate the world. To date, we’ve hosted over 73 IRL events. This includes 'earn' your first crypto workshops where participants do a net positive for their community ( garbage clean up, plant trees, hand out food rations) and then are taught about crypto, create a wallet, and learn how to use it. For this, they are rewarded with a little bit of crypto for their impact. Some of our chapters are teaming up with other regen-focused on-chain projects like Silvi to support tree-planting efforts in their community. Others are focusing on expanding the Desci ecosystem in their community. While others are hosting summits and larger community events. Our chapters act as both an education and on-boarding hub for their local communities, while also working to show up crypto can help regenerate the world vs just telling people about it.We are seeking funding to help us expand and continue to build out educational materials, create content, build out online courses and trainings, and help kick-start more local chapters that will run onboarding and local impact workshops.
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