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The future building the future. 💚Dream DAO invests in the future of the web3 x social impact ecosystem by providing diverse Gen Zers around the globe with the training, funding, mentorship, and opportunities they need to leverage the power of web3 to build a brighter future for humanity. 🌿The DAO is composed of Builders (15-20-year-olds) and Champions (established leaders representing a range of industries who seed Dream DAO). Builders and Champions work together every day to make the DAO better. Dream DAO has biweekly ‘Learning Together’ sessions, funds builders to attend (and even host) IRL events, and provides opportunities to intern at impact-oriented web3 organizations.We believe that one of the best investments in humanity is Gen Z (the builders of the future) and, within Gen Z, we believe the highest leverage opportunity to realize their potential is to teach them how to leverage the most powerful emerging technology: web3. 🌎We consider web3’s ability to impact the world positively depends on the web3 builder community collectively looking a lot more like how the world looks and is more driven by social impact purpose.Our project is important because Dream DAO is the first organization to build a pipeline of Gen Z talent and to equip them to work effectively at the intersection of web3 and social impact. We aspire to attract the best young talent and to channel significant crypto capital to develop thousands of Gen Z civic innovators by 2030.Since Dream DAO was launched in December 2021, we have:🎙Hosted 80 learning together sessions, bringing leaders from different spaces across web3 to give a talk about a topic of their choice that fits Dream DAO's mission of leveraging the web3 x social impact space.✈ Funded 20+ builders to attend NFT NYC, Web3Conf Goa, ETHMexico, and Devcon VI, with our community winning 3 awards in the ETHMexico hackathon.🙌 Partnered with organizations like Celo’s Climate Collective, AERA Force, Protein, and dOrg to host over 15 Dream DAO builders to intern in their organizations, giving them their first working experience and an additional stipend to leverage their studies and lives.For this year, in which Dream DAO seasons four and five will be taking part, we plan to launch a new learning pathway for our builders:⚒ a capstone project program, in which builders can get together, either as a team or individually mentoring one another, to ideate and build a prototype of their own public good;📕 study group sessions for those focused on web3 literacy;🚻 community events that will engage you, our amazing external supporters that do deserve to engage more with our DAO mission;💰bring an on-the-ground bounties platform that will allow builders to contribute, more actively, with different organizations that are doing local hands-on-working impact;🚀onboard new builders (20-25 GenZs) to flourish with our community and keep our mission within the web3 x social impact ecosystem.Learn more here or join our Discord!We look forward to dreaming up a better future! 🌞
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