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Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists – open to everyone.With your support we can quickly raise and distribute money to the people of Ukraine – to where they need it the most.We are urgently raising funds for the support of the Ukrainian people - supporting effective NGO's doing work on the ground right now.These NGOs include:Voices of ChildrenVostok SOSProject C.U.R.EInternational Medical CorpsPeople In NeedPolish Centre for International AidWe are consulting with the community for further effective NGOs to support. These will be decided by the community.Our larger goal is to help Ukraine become the country it deserves to be: peaceful, successful, substantive, friendly, educated, and free.Let’s unchain the real power of blockchain for the good.Our goal is to break the chain of war and scatter its links far away from each other. So that they could never meet again.Our main method of fundraising is through the sale of NFTs. These can be purchased or you can make a simple donation.Important! We don’t raise money for weapons. We raise money for medicine, evacuation and repair needs, food and clothes. Our priority is to help civilians.Let’s break this chain together.FAQHow do I know funds will make it to the organizations listed?All donations garnered go to a multi-signature wallet before being distributed to our chosen effective organizations.Each signatory to this wallet are active in the larger cryptosphere and have made their wallet addresses public. All transactions are publicly readable on the blockchain here.Only after a majority of signatories sign a transaction can funds be moved. This is an extra measure of security against rugpulls and bad actors.How were the NGO's chosen?NGO's were chosen based on the following guidelines:1. Must be local, have history of working in Ukraine, or preparing for refugee support2. Must be focused on non-military aid3. Highly rated by Charity Watch and Charity Navigator, or strongly vetted4. Recently activeNGO's will still be decided by community vote.I have a question / how can I get involved?Join us on our Discord server here.
Raised: $146,116.69

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